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a night of manly orange flowers and public service messages

i have an announcement to make.

i'm graduating june 3.

so mark your calenders and do whatever you must, illegal or not, to attend my graduation.

y'all better be there, bitches. you know who you are...

on another note... i attended a dance show tonight at school. very good show. my friends performed in the show. i gave flowers to them.

did i mention that the boy i like was performing in the show?

was i being too obvious when i have him flowers?

flowers are alright to give to guys, right?


the flowers were orange... so... they were more... manly. yeah. they were manly flowers. not girly pink or purple ones. they were MANLY orange flowers. yes.

oh geez, i was being so obvious. oh geez. my friend said that i was blushing... my ears were red and my cheeks were pink. but in the end, i guess it was all worth it just to be in his arms.

man, that sounds so unbelievably corny.

i don't have you yet, but maybe someday... i'll believe that anything is possible, just for that.

any so, i bid you this - good night, sleep tight, dream well..

because i know i will.

so in the words of john donne, i quote: "If I dream, I have you..."
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