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my computer has been broken for a little more than two months. no internet for me. very bad.

summer has been good to me thus far. just some minor disappointments, that's all. these include:

- dance practice 3 times/week
- camp next week
- not much sleep
- no internet
- no computer
- not much money
- no job
- no license
- no car
- not talking with cousins... these distant feelings sadden me greatly.
- most unpredictable world cup EVER
- brazil and argentina not facing off in the finals of the world cup... still pissed about that one. i wanted to see them play against each other so badly. eh.
- federer winning wimbledon today
- the ending of pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest... ARRRGGGGGHHH!!!!! so very frustrating... ::shakes head::

and yet, there were some good things...

- dancing and working out a lot
- cooking
- currently painting my room
- really good friends
- most unpredictable world cup EVER
- seeing mauresmo win wimbledon against henin-hardenne
- federer winning wimbledon today
- nadal winning the french open against federer [yea-yuh!!!]
- seeing the lakehouse, pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest
- captain jack sparrow [makes me very happy]

my list is currently postponed until i have access to another computer. heh.
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